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Former DEP Commissioner Offers Additional Facts

Selectman Maria Kayne shared important facts about environmental contamination at the Country Club of Woodbridge (CCW) in her April 8th article. Based on my continuing review of documents, I’d like to offer some additional facts:

On May 13, 2011 – on behalf of Woodbridge – environmental consultant HRP sent a letter to the state detailing “planned actions” to clean up the Significant Environmental Hazard in the CCW Maintenance Area. The letter said, “The timing of the remedial action is dependent on incorporating the estimated remediation expenses in the municipal fiscal budget. Under normal circumstances, funding for the project would become available July 1, 2012.”

In 2012, with respect to the entire CCW, HRP reminded the Town that State law required “Submittal of a Remedial Action Plan within 3-yrs [sic], and Initiation of clean-up within 3-yrs.” HRP offered both to prepare a RAP for the entire site and excavate all the contaminated soil on site within one year. HRP advised that “[t]he Significant Environmental Hazard Notification associated with soil impact in the Maintenance area warrants immediate attention due to the shallow depths of contamination.”

The Selectmen authorized HRP to prepare a RAP for the Maintenance Area at their September 2012 meeting. HRP then billed the town on more or less a monthly basis until August 2013. Records show that from 8/13/13 to 3/23/16 HRP submitted no invoices to Woodbridge.

HRP’s approved budget for the RAP was $24,800. HRP billed $24,605.88 from October 2012 to August 2013 – which suggests the RAP was substantially completed by August 2013. Yet the RAP wasn’t issued for another two years and seven months.

The Town should – belatedly – comply with the law and start addressing the environmental contamination at the Country Club.


Amey Marrella

[Former Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of the CT Department of Environmental Protection, former First Selectman of Woodbridge]

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