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Amity Athletics on Receiving End of Cash Gifts

Two local businesses made generous donations to the Amity Board of Education in February.  Both donors requested that the funds go to the district’s athletic department.

Eli’s Orange donated $4,300 to support the athletics program.  “Wear your Amity gear when you go out to eat in town because they recognize that lots of Amity patrons are in their restaurant,” says Superintendent of Schools Chip Dumais.  “They do the golf tournament annually and they decided to donate a portion of the proceeds to the schools this year.”

There is no formal designation other than that it should go to the athletic program.

Bella’s Café of Whalley Avenue, New Haven donated $3,000, specifying that the donation is used for wrestling mats.  The café is owned by Rose Foote, whose son is an Amity wrestler, according to Dumais.

“For wrestling matches, they prepare the mats for a tournament, then after the tournament, they don’t use the mats anymore and schools can pick them up at a dramatically reduced price and when Ms. Foote found out that this was possible, she wanted to donate them to us,” Dumais says.

The Board of Education appreciatively accepted the donations and will discuss where the Eli’s contribution can help fund a need.

By Melissa Nicefaro – Woodbridge Town News Correspondent

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