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Amity Physical Therapy- Putting Real Care Back Into Healthcare


First, we’re an independent Physical Therapy practice not affiliated with orthopedic practices or hospitals, so we call our own shots when it comes to compassionate patient treatment. We’ve had twelve years to perfect how patients should be treated, without being dominated by the complex healthcare insurance industry, a system of healthcare bureaucracy that often favors itself first, and patients second.

Amity Physical Therapy was founded by CEO/Director Michael Dow MSPT who, from the start, was determined to practice physical therapy with nothing but a sincere, compassionate devotion to curing people of their pain. There are no clocks here, no turn style expedient patient procedures. Now with three offices in the Greater New Haven Area, Amity Physical Therapy has become renowned for its personal and intensive treatment of its patients.

Each office was designed by Dow with interiors reflecting a relaxing, homelike atmosphere: art motifs decorate the pastel walls, even marble countertops…large airy rooms, not a hint of sterile white clinical walls. In that setting, Dow feels that patients respond to this personal “at home” treatment, and that the therapists can spend proper time to diagnose and treat their pain in an intensive program, rather than a see-treat-dismiss theory of practice. “In short,” Dow says, “we can study and assess each patient’s special pain symptoms and their progress as individuals, often with staff therapists assigned to specific chronic injuries.”

Most of the practicing therapists at Amity PT have been on the staff for years; most have advanced doctorate degrees. This experience provides an on-going first-hand knowledge of each patient’s condition and allows a precise monitoring of their healing progress, whether it’s a common lower back problem or post-surgical rehab from joint surgery or a knee replacement.

“Patients know when they’re being treated with sincere care,” Dow comments. “It becomes a personal thing when you know you can return someone to a former active lifestyle without pain. Professional pride is involved. What we do here as physical therapists transcends the healthcare industry and the financial and systemic obstacles they choose to throw in the way. Our patients are humans, not statistics. Our mission is to cure their pain. And we’ve been successful in accomplishing that with our intensive 12 year program of personal, hands-on pain relief.”

Michael Dow, MSPT is CEO/Director and founder of Amity Physical Therapy with offices in Woodbridge, Hamden and Branford. He is recognized by the U.S. Dep’t of Health and Human Services for his work with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. He works with patients of all ages, pediatrics to geriatrics, as well as local high school and college athletes. Michael can be reached at 203-389-4593 or visit amitypt.com.

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