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And the Winners Are…

And the Winners Are…

Following a recount of the election results of May 3, 2021, the Town Clerk has filed the final results of the tally.  These are the results:

Jay DahyaBoard of EducationD1,314

Name Office Affiliation Total Votes
Beth Heller First Selectman D 1614
Board of Selectmen D 1,273
Joe Crisco Board of Selectmen D 1,303
Sheila McCreven Board of Selectmen D 1,287
David Vogel Board of Selectmen R 1,190
David Lober Board of Selectmen R 1,153
Michael Strambler Board of Education D 1,305
Maria Madonick Board of Education D 1,343
Brooke Hopkins Board of Education R 1,129
Sarah Beth Del Prete Board of Education R 1,132
David A. Ross Board of Education
(2-year term)
D 1,369
Janet Barillari Board of Assessment Appeals R 1,115
Andrew Schaffer Board of Assessment Appeals D 1,344
Celia Waters Zoning Board of Appeals D 1,269
Henry Nusbaum Zoning Board of Appeals D 1,242
Robert Wiznia Zoning Board of Appeals R 1,233
Aldon Hynes Zoning Board of Appeals (Alternate) D 1,233
Carol Oladele Regional Board of Education D 1,320
Donna Schuster Regional Board of Education D 1,282

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