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Beecher Happenings: THE BRIDGE Is in your Mailbox!

Dear Citizens of Woodbridge,

By now, you have received a copy of THE BRIDGE in the mail.   It is an honor and privilege to prepare and distribute this annual educational report to the citizens and taxpayers of Woodbridge.  Beecher Road School is proud and excited to update you on the work and success of our students, staff and programs.  At the same time, we are humbled and appreciative of the steadfast support that you, as a town, provide to The Woodbridge School District each year. Anecdotally, I am constantly humbled at the number of residents I speak to each year who say:  “We love Beecher!  Our kids went there and had a great education. We are so glad the tradition continues.”

Inside THE BRIDGE you will find our “road map” to success, as seen through our Strategic Plan and you will find evidence of how the Strategic Plan goals and initiatives are moving forward.  In addition, THE BRIDGE contains informative entries on key instructional areas as well as exciting information on programs and initiatives beyond the classroom.  With our VISION to provide a “dynamic educational environment” that ultimately “challenges and empowers students”, you will see the continued focus on academic excellence, strong social and emotional development and preparation of our students as the leaders of tomorrow.

I cannot emphasize enough my sincere appreciation to the citizens, town leaders, parents and staff for their strong support of Beecher Road School. In a year that has once again has seen the uncertainty of funding at federal and state levels, Woodbridge continues to display tremendous financial commitment to our outstanding elementary program.  This ongoing commitment has its foundation in the strong partnership between our town and school leaders.  In a time when most districts are experiencing flat or declining enrollments, it is no surprise to see that Woodbridge/Beecher Road School is one of the few districts that is seeing enrollment growth – 6.5 % in one year.

Enjoy reading THE BRIDGE as you re-discover the ways our amazing school is preparing our students to become the leaders and “responsible global citizens” of tomorrow.  If you need another copy of THE BRIDGE, you can access this on the Superintendent’s Communications page of our website:  www.woodbridge.k12.ct.us.

Woodbridge/Beecher Road School Mission

Beecher Road School is a caring, creative community that models and inspires the joy of lifelong learning, embraces diversity, and celebrates the unique qualities of each person.

Woodbridge/Beecher Road School Vision

To provide a dynamic educational environment that challenges and empowers students to persevere as innovators and collaborators in preparation for their role as responsible global citizens.

By Robert F. “Bob” Gilbert    Superintendent of the Woodbridge School District

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