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B’nai Jacob is Closed, but Our Community is Open!

B’nai Jacob is Closed, but Our Community is Open!

Please join us on livestream or zoom!  To register for a Zoom event, please call the office at (203)389-2111.

Presenting our second (zoom) meeting of the BJ Jewish Movie Club

A monthly discussion group of Jewish-themed or Israeli movies.

Wednesday, July 1 at 7:30pm


A Four-part series on Netflix

What does “Unorthodox” get right about those who leave Hasidic Communities?  Come find out with speaker, Scheur Zalman Newfield.

Book Discussion with Rachel Korazim

Sunday, July 12, 19 & 26 at 10:15 am

“A Trumpet in the Wadi”

Last year, many of us had a wonderful session with Rachel Korazim on Hebrew poetry.  This summer she is offering us a special series of classes on Sami Michael’s book, “A Trumpet in the Wadi.”  This book take place in the Wadi Nisnass neighborhood of Haifa.  The Wadi, as its dwellers refer to it, is inhabited by Arab citizens of the state of Israel.  Shortly before the 1982 war in Lebanon, a Jew, a new immigrant from the Soviet Union (it was not yet former then) rents a room in one of the homes.  Through his budding love affair with one of the daughters of his landlords, the texture of complex relationships unfolds.  Jews and Arabs, Arabs in Israel and across the border and much more…Sami Michael, born in 1926, made aliyah to Israel from Bagdad, Iraq in 1949.  He sees himself as a Jewish Arab; namely, never denying his deep roots in Arab literature and culture.  On the contrary – he celebrates both.  Our close reading of this novel will reveal subtleties in the complex fabric of Israeli society.

As you know, or will soon know, Rachel is a gifted teacher of Hebrew literature which she uses as a window on to Israeli culture and society.

“A Trumpet in the Wadi” is available on amazon but if you would like the synagogue to order a book for you, please let us know.  Order now so you will be ready for July 12!  Zoom Link will be sent soon.


We are excited to announce that beginning this Friday night, (weather permitting), Shabbat evening services will be held OUTDOORS in the courtyard in accordance with guidelines for social distancing.  Space is limited.  Call the office to sign up.

ZOOM Schedule of weekly services and classes: (Special events have their own post and are not listed here)

Morning Minyan at 7:45am (Monday-Friday), 9:00am (Sunday)

Evening Minyan at 6:00pm (Sunday-Thursday)

Shabbat Shmooze at 6:00pm Friday

Kaballat Shabbat at 6:30pm Friday

Bread & Torah at 9:00am Saturday

Shabbat Morning at 9:45am Saturday

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