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Brownies Spread A Message Of Affirmation

Brownies Spread A Message Of Affirmation

Members of Brownie Troop 60865 at Beecher Road School recently placed “Affirmation Rocks” around the Fitzgerald tract walking trail.  The rocks carry self-affirming messages such as “I am confident” or “I am enough” – in the hopes that walkers-by will adopt that attitude for themselves.  The project was part of the World of Girls journey, a six-week program they embarked on last fall, at a time when the town was in the throes of a pandemic.  The program’s focus is on acceptance and making the community a better place.  For their final Take Action Project, the Brownie troop chose to place rocks with positive affirmations around the Fitzgerald trails at the corner of Beecher and Center roads.

“Science has demonstrated that if we surround ourselves with positivity, we experience more happiness and joy,” said troop leader Sheri Weidner.  They chose the location because it is a popular spot where Woodbridge residents of all ages come together for fitness, relaxation, community gardening, and to visit the dog park.  “Please stop by to see and walk the GS Affirmation Trail,” Weidner said.

The messages are:

  1. I am Troop 60865;
  2. I am strong – Tessa;
  3. I am kind – Allie;
  4. I am super – Sammy;
  5. I am confident – Elizabeth;
  6. I am me – Ana;
  7. I am wise – Charlotte;
  8. I am enough – Sammi;
  9. I am thoughtful – Mia;
  10. I am brave – Madison;
  11. I am beautiful – Veronica;
  12. I am smart – Taylor;
  13. I am funny – Katie;
  14. I am loved – Ella;
  15. I am happy – Whitney;
  16. I am resilient – Madeline;
  17. I am unique – Giuliana.

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