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Care and Feeding Of Summer Lawns: By The Pros at Amity Gardens

Get your lawn ready for the hot days of summer! Lush, green lawns require a close eye for maintenance to sustain their healthy appearance from now through fall. In fact, it requires a little love, and that’s what Amity Gardens serves up with a wide assortment of Jonathan Green “Love Your Lawn, Love Your Soil” nutrients.

Along with watering, apply organic Jonathan Green root stimulator to keep roots actively growing throughout the summer. This remarkable nutrient, along with Jonathan Green’s Grub Control in August (and Insect Control in July) is available at Amity Gardens. The root stimulator includes calcium and sulphur to both enhance root growth and to keep the soil loose. If you’re re-seeding, “Love Your Lawn, Love Your Soil” is perfect for stimulating new growth and healthy root mass.

Meanwhile, the planting season isn’t over yet. Both annuals and perennials benefit from Jonathan Green’s Biotone, another root stimulator specific for plants both indoors and outdoors. And that includes your shrubbery and plants if you’ve been actively landscaping your yard. But remember, summer heat can be brutal on your lawn and decorative plants and shrubs. Water is essential, but the “Love Your Lawn, Love Your Soil” Jonathan Green product line adds that dimension of nutrient “insurance” for a vigorous, healthy lawn and yard.

For practical advice from seasoned horticulturists, feel free to call us or drop by Amity Gardens at 720 Amity Road (Rte 63), Bethany, 203-393-1219.

By Gino Sardo

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