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CCW Ad Hoc Committee Responds

CCW Ad Hoc Committee Responds

To the editor,

We are writing as the Chair and Co-chair, respectively, of the Country Club of Woodbridge (CCW) Ad Hoc Committee appointed by our First Selectman, Ellen Scalettar. We were among the facilitators at two Community Conversations convened by Ellen to hear the views of Woodbridge residents about the CCW property. Based on public input at those and other meetings, the Town crafted and sent out a Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit private sector interest in the property. Two responses to the RFP were submitted and we led the group of seven town residents who reviewed the proposals and made recommendations to the Board of Selectmen.

Our unanimous recommendation was that the Board of Selectmen consider the Toll Brothers proposal. We believe it meets the needs of all Town residents because it:

  1. generates, when completed (6-7 years) $2,000,000 in new tax revenue which allows us to control future tax increases;
  2. is a cash Sale of $7,500,000;
  3. allows us to pay off the entire CCW debt of $5,900,000;
  4. provides for 170 units of over 55 housing for our aging population;
  5. removes the existing club house and replaces it with a new pool house;
  6. provides for a 9 hole golf course or walking trails at the option of the Town;
  7. includes refurbishing the pool and tennis courts for recreation to be enjoyed by all Woodbridge residents;
  8. provides for the Town to retain ownership of approximately ½ of the property (75 acres); and
  9. requires that Toll Brothers be responsible for infrastructure costs (roads, sewers, gas lines, etc.) and maintenance would become the responsibility of the homeowners association.

The Ad Hoc Committee’s report and recommendations can be found on the Town of Woodbridge website at: www.woodbridgect.org.

We are aware that neither the First Selectman nor any of the Board of Selectmen members has made a decision about whether or not they will recommend the Toll proposal, in its current form or after negotiations, to the residents of Woodbridge. The plan is to hold community forums for all Town residents, as well as to have relevant Town Boards and Commissions weigh in from their particular vantage point. We encourage Town residents to take advantage of the informational meetings to educate themselves since we all will vote on the future of the property.

We believe strongly that First Selectman Ellen Scalettar and all members of the Board of Selectmen are serving the best interests of our Town by not rejecting the proposal out of hand and trusting the townspeople to decide.


Carolyn Wolff, Chair

Andy Esposito, Vice-chair

CCW Ad Hoc Committee

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