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“Choices for Sustainable Living” Course Being Launched

Residents are invited to participate together in a community led course called “Choices for Sustainable Living” to learn about a variety of sustainability issues facing ourselves, our town, and our world, as well as what we all can do to live more sustainably. The course is co-hosted by the Town of Woodbridge’s Ad Hoc Sustainability Committee, the Commission on the Use of Publicly Owned Property (CUPOP), the Woodbridge Town Library, and Massaro Community Farm, and uses the Northwest Earth Institute’s curriculum. For an overview of the curriculum see www.nwei.org .

An Information Session describing the course, its dates, and an opportunity to sign up and buy the curriculum materials for a discount, will be held on Tuesday, January 8th at 6:30 pm at the Woodbridge Town Library’s Meeting Room. The course will begin in February and be offered at two different sets of dates to two groups of up to 15 people each (ie up to 30 people total). One group will meet every other Monday from 6 – 8pm without a potluck supper, and the second group will meet every other Wednesday from 6 – 8 pm with a potluck supper. Both groups will meet eight times at the Woodbridge Town Library between February and May.

Participants will have an opportunity to learn about a variety of issues regarding sustainability including ecological principles, food, water, community, transportation, consumption, economy, and visions for sustainability. The course is designed to be led by the participants, who share in its facilitation, rather than using a teacher. Participants read the course’s curriculum materials between meetings, then gather to discuss them and relate them to their own experiences, and learn together in community. There are no tests, grades, or credit, but simply an opportunity to learn about a variety of sustainability issues, get to know fellow residents, have fun, and motivate positive action. An online component to the course is also available for participants to learn from other groups taking the course from around the world.

Residents interested in finding out more about the course are urged to come to the Information Session on Tuesday, January 8 from 6:30 – 7:30 pm at the Woodbridge Town Library’s Meeting room.  At that time, residents will learn how the course will work, have a chance to review the course’s curriculum materials, sign up for either the Monday series or the Wednesday series, and place an order for the book at the discounted $25 price. Those interested in joining are urged to bring their checkbook or cash to this meeting to order their book copy. For those who prefer not to purchase a copy of the course’s book, three copies of it will also be available through the Woodbridge Town Library with two copies available to be checked out, and one copy on reserve. For more information, or if you cannot make the January 8th information session but would like to participate, please call the Woodbridge Town Library at 203-389-3434.

 The Town of Woodbridge’s Ad Hoc Sustainability Committee meets monthly at Town Hall and the public is invited to attend – check the Town Website for details: woodbridgect.org/AgendaCenter

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