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To the Editor: Confront the Facts

To the editor,

I experienced a strange moment of cognitive dissonance when I read First Selectman Ellen Scalettar’s recent letter to the editor (Town News, December 12, 2014) stating that “golf operations turned a profit” at the Country Club of Woodbridge this year, “a portion of which will be returned to the Town”. Since I read—and understand—the monthly profit and loss statements provided by Billy Casper Golf, I knew this claim of a profit was, at best, deeply misleading.

Just two days before this letter appeared, at the December 10 Board of Selectmen meeting, Finance Director Tony Genovese provided a written summary of the Country Club of Woodbridge Revenues and Expenditures for Calendar Year 2014. While Billy Casper Golf may have achieved a profit in 2014, the town of Woodbridge most certainly did not. The town received a small amount of revenue from the club, but that bit of revenue was offset by considerable expenses. The Town’s net loss for the year on Country Club operations stands at -$303,466. The Finance Director’s summary can be found on the Woodbridge Republican Town Committee web page: www.woodbridgeGOP.org. As of this writing, it does not appear on the Town website.

If we are to solve the problems at the Country Club, the first step is to confront the facts, not attempt to obscure them.

Cathy Wick

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