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Congregation Beth El – Keser Israel Events

Passover Services

Saturday, 20 April, First Day                        9:15 am

1:00 pm

Sunday, 21 April, Second Day                      9:15 am

5:45 pm

Monday – Wednesday, Hol HaMoed            7:00 am

5:45 pm

Thursday, 25 Apr, Hol HaMoed                   8:15 am

5:45 pm

Friday, 26 April, Seventh Day                       9:15 am

6:00 pm

Saturday, 27 April, Eighth Day/Yizkor        9:15 am

5:45 pm

Bake Fresh Matza for Your Seder

In the hours just before Passover arrives, come bake your own matza for the Seder.  Join Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen and others in the BEKI kitchen on Friday, April 19 at 11:30 am.

Art and Kabbalah Meet in Paintings

Sandra Valabregue, a painter and independent scholar who specializes in medieval Kabbalah and philosophy, will show her exhibition at BEKI on Thursday, April 11 at 7:00 pm.  She will also give an artist’s talk on Saturday, May 18 at 12:45 pm.

This exhibition, called “Circles in the Tree,” shows her recent focus on Jewish topics such as Angels, Talisman, Hamsah and the sefirotic tree.  “I gathered, from ancient manuscripts and early prints, images of angels, demons, kmeot (amulets), ilanot (trees), and hamsot,” she explains.  “The idea is to create new icons from ancient ones, to revive them and give them new form.”  She calls this project “Partzufim and Ilanot” (divine faces and trees).

Born in France, Valabregue obtained her M.A. in Philosophy from the Sorbonne, an M.A. in art from the Beaux Arts de Paris, and a PhD in Jewish Thought from Hebrew University.  Currently a visiting scholar at Yale University, she has taught at Yale, UCLA, Queens College, Columbia University, and institutions in Israel.

She has exhibited her work in France, Israel and the US, including at BEKI in 2011.  This show runs through June 2.

Located at 85 Harrison Street (corner of Whalley Avenue – Route 63 – in Westville).

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