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Core Chiropractic & Rehabilitation LLC Has Found A New Location!

As of July of 2016, Core Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is operating out of its new location at 21 Hazel Terrace in Woodbridge CT, a mere ½ mile from the end the ramp of exit 59 off Route 15. The new office space makes it possible to see more patients and more services will be made available! Along with this transformation, Core Chiropractic and Rehabilitation LLC at the new location will be doing business as Hollander Spine, Sport, and Diagnostics!

Dr. Brian Hollander has achieved a post-doctorate Diplomate from the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians (DACBSP), supplying the latest information on sports injuries, sports performance, nutrition, and emergency medicine. In addition, Dr. Hollander holds numerous certifications in soft tissue myofascial manipulation and kinesiology taping. These certifications all help enhance the individualized care that reinforces and aids the effectivity of the spinal adjustment. Patients get the highest quality care for their new injuries, chronic pain, or optimization of their athletic ability due to Dr. Hollander’s advanced understanding of musculoskeletal and physiological function and performance. Core Chiropractic focuses on total body wellness and reaching optimal function for non-athletes, weekend warriors, and professional athletes. From everyday activities, to high-level athletics, the DACBSP’s are experts in the function of the body during movement (inside and out).

Pappas Diagnostics (PDX) is a full service tissue-diagnostics company. PDX provides a full range of testing including: Family DNA testing, blood and urine analysis, DOT physical examinations for CDL licensing, Drug testing, Alcohol testing, Hair analysis, and Heir analysis (pun intended). Its professional and experienced staff, trained and certified, perform pre-employment screenings, functional capacity testing, worksite analysis, and Cardiological and Nutritional deficiency testing!

Much Kneaded Wellness Therapies will be providing the expertise of an experienced licensed massage therapist. Jen Brennan LMT has practiced for 12 years and takes great pride in improving the quality of life of many through massage therapy and Reiki. Massage has many therapeutic benefits, promotes relaxation and well-being, and improves the state of wellness!

Training Specialist Steve Rowe is a personal trainer that truly thinks outside the box for athletes and non-athletes! He personalizes your training and fitness goals using simple time-tested methods and techniques, improving posture and strengthening core, all coming together in a system called “Fitness Rehab™” keeping you fit for the battle of everyday living and keeping you aware of the hurdles and stumbling blocks that life can put in front of you. Steve keeps you going and motivated to put forth the effort, and to work towards preventing injuries and, if you do slip and fall, to come back faster and stronger.

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