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CT Association of Boards of Education Student Leadership Award

Congratulations to eighth grade students, Zachary Young and Natalie Prinz, who were selected to receive this year’s Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) Award. This award is presented each year to young men and women attending schools within CABE’s membership, who exhibit exemplary leadership qualities. Dr. Charles Dumais, Superintendent presented the award at a ceremony held at the Amity Board of Education meeting on May 9.

Zachary Young (Zach), who lives in Bethany, was proudly selected by Team Black teachers for the CABE Leadership Award. Zach is a very responsible model student who, with his patience and understanding, is always willing to help his peers. He consistently displays superior class participation and effort on his class assignments. Other students will often seek Zach out as a collaborator on group projects, which demonstrates his strong work ethic and ability to work well with his peers. During class discussions, Zach shows maturity of thought while consistently demonstrating a humble demeanor. He maintains a positive attitude and treats his teachers and peers with the utmost respect. Zach is currently placed in all advanced level classes and has earned first honors and citizenship honors every marking period. Zach is a member of the school soccer team, and he plays trumpet in both the school band and jazz band. While Zach is an outstanding student in his own right, it is in his commitment to others that he truly shines. He volunteers as a peer tutor, drawing on his own academic prowess to help his peers maximize their potential. Outside of school, Zach is captain on both the Amity Travel Team and Ginga Premier Soccer Team and also participates in the Yale Pathways to Science program.

Natalie Prinz was enthusiastically selected by the Gold Team as the recipient of the CABE Leadership Award. Natalie exemplifies the qualities for which CABE is awarded because she is a natural leader. Natalie is a student who values education and exhibits a positive and mature attitude. Her teachers have long been impressed by her diligence and work ethic. Natalie is currently placed in all advanced level classes. She has earned first honors every marking period. Her above-average performance is a direct result of her hard work and strong focus. Natalie served as a peer tutor in eighth grade and she utilizes her strong academic skills to help others improve their academic performance. Natalie is an accomplished athlete who currently serves as a member of the school basketball, soccer team, and track program. Outside of school, Natalie enjoys playing for her premier soccer team and is an avid skier. She volunteers her time as a lector in her church and participates in the Yale Pathways to Science Program. Natalie demonstrates persistence and responsibility in all that she does. Natalie’s teachers and her peers hold her in high esteem because she kind, funny, respectful, and thoughtful.

Left to Right: Dr. Charles Dumais, Superintendent, Natalie Prinz, Zachary Young, Dr. Richard Dellinger, Principal.

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