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Dog Park Cooperative, Regional Water Authority Bring Drinking Water to Fitzgerald Property

Directors of the Woodbridge Dog Park Cooperative (WDPC) announced a successful collaboration with the Regional Water Authority (RWA) to bring a new source of drinking water to the Fitzgerald Property – often referred to as the cornfield – near the town center.  The new water supply was installed – at no cost to the Town or the WDPC – as part of a RWA service program that assists non-profit community groups; the two-day installation was completed earlier this month.

The Woodbridge Town Plan and Zoning Commission and Board of Selectmen had each previously approved plans for this improvement to the property.  Under provisions of a formal agreement with the Town, the dog park is open daily where there was formerly an asphalt pad and seasonal skating rink.

WDPC operations and finances are completely independent from town government; going forward, the WDPC has accepted responsibility for the monthly water usage fees.  “On behalf of WDPC directors, members, and guests, I’m grateful to both RWA and town officials for their part in this welcome enhancement to the property we’re so pleased to share with other community members,” said Mary Beth Womer, WDPC board president.  “This drinking water is now available for dog park users as well as Fitzgerald Property walkers, joggers, and nature lovers, and as a goodwill gesture by good neighbors, the WDPC will foot the bill.”

It must be noted however, that the potable water now available on the Fitzgerald Property is strictly intended for pets and humans, and not meant for agricultural or gardening purposes.  The WDPC withholds the right to restrict access to the potable water should usage exceed anticipated volume due to abuse of privileges, unauthorized use, or vandalism.

The WDPC is in its third year of operations.  It now has well over 100 member families.

Those who seek additional information about the WDPC are encouraged to visit its website at www.woodbridgedogpark.org or send an inquiry to woodbridgedogpark@gmail.com.

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