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DOT Holds Public Meeting on Tunnel


The Connecticut Department of Transportation will hold a public meeting addressing the Heroes Tunnel Project on June 7 in the City of New Haven Records Building, 200 Orange Street, Room G2.  An open forum will begin at 6:30 pm followed by a presentation at 7:00 pm.  This DOT project is separate from the short-term and long-term changes that will be made to the area around Exit 59 off of Route15.

The twin horseshoe-shaped tunnel bisects West Rock Ridge State Park on Route 15 and is a scenic connector between New York and Hartford that carries approximately 71,000 vehicles daily.  Structural and draining deficiencies along with general deterioration necessitate either tunnel rehabilitation or replacement.  The DOT has retained CDM Smith Inc., a New Haven design consulting firm, to lead the project through preliminary design.  Design alternatives identified include:  tunnel rehabilitation, tunnel widening and construction of a third tunnel.

To keep local communities involved, design alternatives will be reassessed with consideration given to stakeholder comments.  The DOT plans to launch a project website and hold a series of public meetings in upcoming months.

“I encourage all Woodbridge residents and affected business owners to attend this and other meetings about this project,” said First Selectman Ellen Scalettar.  Comments or questions may be directed to Mr. David Culter, Bureau of Engineering and Construction, at (860)-594-3210 or David.Cutler@ct.gov.

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