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Eagle Scout Veteran Project Within Woodbridge Town Cemeteries

Eagle Scout Veteran Project Within Woodbridge Town Cemeteries

Boy Scout Troop 907 has been replacing Veterans flags in the Woodbridge cemeteries every year for over 25 years.  As a Scout in the troop, I realized there was a critical need to replace the grave site Veteran flag holders which were either missing or broken.  During the planning phase of my project I had decided to not only to replace the flag holders, but to also cement every flag holder in order to permanently honor our veterans and also build a nine-foot tall site-map sign.  There will be a sign at each cemetery, that identifies the locations of every veteran’s burial site.

If you know of a veteran buried in Woodbridge but his/her service details may not be recorded on the footstone or headstone, please contact my Scoutmaster via the “contact us” link on Troop 907 website (www.troop907.org).  This will ensure every service member’s grave locations are honored with a flag holder and included on the new site map.  Mapping is currently being completed, therefore all veteran information needs to be in as soon as possible.  I currently have a list of potential veterans that need to be confirmed.  If you are able to confirm or unconfirm a potential veteran listed below please contact me via the “contact us” link on Troop 907 Website.

List of Unconfirmed Vets in the Northwest cemetery:

  • Charles J Peck
  • Eric Wilkinson
  • Henry Carrington
  • Clifford MacDonald
  • Robert K. Beckert

List of Unconfirmed Vets in the Eastside Cemetery:

  • Clemate Testa
  • Domonic Tafuto
  • Thomas Glynn
  • Harry Merwin
  • Joseph Kalson
  • John Soresen
  • Leonard Dechanta
  • Arthur Smith
  • B.D. Hubbard
  • Edward Nicholas Wedge
  • Oscar Parente
  • Donald Andrus
  • D.C Pete Gager
  • Alcine R. Gager
  • James M Hay
  • William Thurston Gilbert Jr
  • William Thurston Gilbert
  • Frederick Thomas Shepard
  • Franklin A. Beecher
  • Sila Bernice Baldwin
  • William John German, MD’m,
  • Gustav A. Scholz

List of unconfirmed Vets in the Milford Side Cemetery:

  • Otto Schulz
  • Robert Schulz
  • Henry Borcerson
  • George A Monaco
  • Russell Mills Wilson
  • Seth E. Y Peck
  • William Leon Lyons
  • George Howard Knowlton
  • Boone T. Guyton
  • Bateman Slocum
  • John Kerr Hammond
  • Louis Fenn Pike
  • Albert Schmiedecke
  • Melie Douklet
  • George Blackman
  • Russell Bacon
  • William Peck
  • James Peck
  • James B Peck
  • William Luberg
  • George Woodruff
  • Joel Northrup

By Jason Luciani – Life Scout Troop 907

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