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Election 2018 | Candidate Bios & Profiles

Town of Woodbridge, CT 2018 Election Candidate Profiles

Note: Candidates are displayed in a random order on this page. Refresh page to re-order.

Jorge Cabrera – State Senator 17th District

Jorge Cabrera is the son of immigrants from Puerto Rico who worked hard to ensure he would be first in his family to attend college.  He currently lives in Hamden with his wife Rebecca, a public-school principal, and his twin boys Jorgie and Gabe, both of whom attend Hamden public schools.  He has worked for …

George Logan – State Senator 17th District

Sen. George Logan represents the 17th District, which includes most of Woodbridge.  A graduate of Notre Dame High School in West Haven, he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from Trinity College and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bridgeport. Sen. Logan has spent most of his professional life …

James Maroney – State Senator 14th District

I was born and raised in Connecticut and it was important to me to stay in our beautiful state.  I attended Jonathan Law High School in Milford and then Yale University.  I wouldn’t trade my childhood experiences in our community for anything, so my wife Jen and I chose to raise our son here.  If …

Pam Staneski – State Senator 14th District

Connecticut is a beautiful state with many extraordinary attributes.  We are also a state with challenges—a looming budget deficit of over $4 billion dollars and growing unfunded liabilities.  Unfortunately, the last several years “fixes” used to address these challenges (negotiated deals with bargaining units, reducing state services, passing two of the largest tax increases, and …