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FBI Ranks Beecher Road School in Woodbridge #1 In America

Being a savvy and safe Internet surfer is not only wise, but it’s essential in our ever-evolving technological world. Developing Safe Online Surfers (SOS) is a challenge the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) put forth to America’s schools.

Early in the school year Mrs. Gina Prisco, Beecher Road School Principal, thought it was worth Beecher’s time and effort, and passed the information to Woodbridge Police Officer Vincent Lynch who, in turn, got all sixth grade classes involved with the FBI’s online Internet safety competition. BRS officially registered and went to work on the lessons and the events presented.

This past February, nearly 6,000 students from 562 schools in 49 states participated in the online contest – including 103 Beecher sixth graders. After scoring the events, the FBI notified us that Beecher had scored #1 in America!

At the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) graduation held earlier this month, FBI agents attended and presented the school with a plaque celebrating the accomplishment. Congratulations to all for teaching our children how to be safe online surfers.

Woodbridge Rotary provided lunch for the DARE graduation reception and Woodbridge First Selectman congratulated students on their accomplishment.

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