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Federated Garden Clubs of CT Present Environmental School Course

Join us and learn from experts in the field of Environmental Science.  In this overview of earth science, we will learn about the four major components of Earth’s life support system:  air, soil, water and living things.  Environmental School courses are recognized for their superb presenters.  This year the course will feature the following:

  • Oswald Schmitz, PhD.,Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies;
  • Susan Quincy, CT DEEP Environmental Educator;
  • Greg Bugbee, Connecticut Agricultural Experient Station;
  • Robert LaFrance, Audubon Connecticut;
  • Carrie Szwed, Education Director, White Memorial Conservation Center;
  • Margery Winters, Environmental Scientist;
  • Paul Tanner, Hydrogeologist, Environmental Professional;
  • Tessa Getchis, Sea Grant.

During this 2-day course, these academics, environmentalists and industry leaders will guide you through a wide range of topics.  There are 8 one-hour modules, plus a 2-hour virtual fieldtrip, covering environmental science, the value of Biodiversity, Earth stewardship, Sustainability and the impact of humans on the planet.

Learn how to make personal changes to benefit the Earth and how to work effectively with organizations and institutions to create beneficial policies.  Make connections!  Share ideas with fellow garden club members from Connecticut and around the United States during this lively 2 day offering.

Environmental School courses are designed to teach participants environmental literacy and an appreciation of the natural world.  The courses are open to garden club members and the general public.  Garden club members may, upon completion of all four courses offered by Environmental Schools, join the Environmental Consultants Council.  Courses may be taken in any order.

Please register online at www.ctgardenclubs.org.  For additional information, please contact Millie Legenhausen or Virginia Casanova, CT Environmental School Co-Chairs at ESChair@ctgardenclubs.org.

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