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Free Premium Channels On Optimum!


Altice USA, Cablevision’s new parent company, has announced a compensation plan for all local customers who were denied WFSB channel 3 (CBS) programming during the recent contract dispute.  Altice USA is offering three free months of one of the following premium channel groups:

  • Showtime, Showtime On Demand (including Showtime Anytime);
  • Starz & Encore, Starz On Demand & Encore On Demand; or
  • TMC, TMC On Demand.

This is not automatic!  To receive your choice of channels, customers must call Optimum customer service at 203-870-2583 or visit an Optimum store.

Woodbridge is represented on the Area 2 Cable Advisory Council by Elia Alexiades and Cindy Gerber.  Mr. Alexiades released the following statement, “We are pleased that Altice has returned WFSB to the Optimum channel lineup, and that the company is offering a form of compensation.  During the time that WFSB was missing from Optimum, your representatives urged Altice to find a solution and restore the CBS programming to your cable TV.  I am disappointed it took so long, and that Altice has not made the premium channel packages available to all affected customers automatically, without requiring a call to customer service.  I urge all Optimum subscribers to take advantage of the offer, and to contact me with any concerns at ealexiades@woodbridgect.org”.

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