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From the First Selectman: Early Autumn in Woodbridge

The Selectmen received updates on several ongoing issues and projects at our September 12th Board of Selectmen meeting. Further information on these and other issues are available at our Town website: woodbridgect.org. As always please let me know if you have ideas or thoughts you would like to share with me.

Fiscal Health Analysis

The CT Economic Resource Center (CERC) presented its Fiscal Health Analysis Preliminary Results. The Selectmen discussed the presented material with the CERC Team who will now incorporate this additional input into a Final Report to be delivered at our October BOS meeting. The key findings of this analysis are expected to provide timely insights to help us hold down costs and save taxpayer dollars as we begin consideration of next year’s budget. The CERC presentation has been posted to the Town website.

Beecher Ad Hoc Renovation Review Committee

The Selectmen were also provided with an update on the work of the Ad Hoc committee we appointed after the pipe burst incident at Beecher Road School last winter. Superintendent Gilbert also recently informed us that there were some humidity problems at the school just as classes were getting underway a few weeks ago. The committee has also been looking into this.

The committee recommended that an engineering firm be retained to evaluate the mechanical systems at Beecher. The Selectmen agreed with this recommendation and the Woodbridge Board of Education has engaged the services of Van Zelm Engineers to do the evaluation. I will share further information on this subject as we learn more.

Town Center Beautification

The Selectmen also received an update on the Town Center Beautification effort, and heard details of a plan for a Garden on the Town Green across from Town Hall, which will be made possible by a gift from the family of Arden Clark Gordon. The garden will highlight the entryway to the beautiful space that is our Town Green and kick-off our larger project of beautifying the Town Center.

I would again like to invite other interested community members and organizations to get in touch to find out how they can also donate to help complete some of the other projects outlined in the Beautification Plan. The draft plan is online for review at the Town website.

Improved Sound and Video

The Selectmen also received an update regarding a grant that has been received from the Cable Advisory Council to upgrade the sound system in Town Hall’s Central Meeting Room. The planned enhancements will provide a better listening experience both in the room for those attending our meetings, and for the home audience who view our meetings either on Cable Channel 79 or online at the Town’s YouTube Channel, WGATV. In addition to this sound system project which will begin shortly, the Town has also ushered in Live video streaming of meetings—please visit the WGATV YouTube Channel to watch live coverage of upcoming meetings, or see video re-plays of recorded meetings on-demand by visiting: youtube.com/user/wgatv79

Former-Country Club of Woodbridge Property

As you may recall, at our August Board meeting we received a presentation regarding a proposal for the Town-owned former country club property from Insite Development. At our September 12th meeting, we received an update with some additional details. You can view the video of the meeting to learn more by visiting the YouTube channel link above. The Selectmen have made no decisions yet. Any proposal for this property will of course ultimately be considered by voters in a referendum and I will continue to keep the public informed of all developments along the way.

Fallapalooza is underway!

The community is invited to take part in the many activities and events planned for October in our annual celebration of Fallapalooza. Complete details are available at:  woodbridgect.org/Fallapalooza – I hope you will join in the fun.

Beth Heller is Woodbridge First Selectman. She may be reached by phone at Town Hall, 203-389-3401, or by email to bheller@woodbridgect.org


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