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From The First Selectman: Update on August Activities

I’d like to share a brief update on topics that were discussed at the August 8th Board of Selectmen meeting. As always, further details are available at our Town website and I encourage you to read more there. Please let me know if you have ideas or thoughts you would like to share with me.

Senior Center Improvements

At the August 8th meeting, the Selectmen voted unanimously to award the contract for a renovation project for the Senior Center that will provide a ramp and lavatory on the lower level of the Center Building. Construction will begin soon and when completed will provide the Senior Center with the enhancements that will enable them to provide the quality of services our seniors deserve.

Also at this meeting, the draft of a Town Center Beautification Plan was shared with the Selectmen for their input. It anticipates projects such as a local Boy Scout’s effort to create Community Sign Boards for his Eagle Scout Project, which met with the approval of the Selectmen. I would like to invite other interested community members and organizations to get in touch to find out how they can also volunteer to help complete some of the other projects outlined in the Beautification Plan. Please email Betsy Yagla for details on this (byagla@woodbridgect.org).

The Selectmen also received an update on progress towards achieving Sustainable CT certification for the Town as we prepare to meet the late-August deadline for submission. Ad Hoc Sustainability Committee Chairman Jon Gorham attended the meeting to share a report with the Selectmen regarding a “Healthy, Efficient and Diverse Housing” workshop he attended last month, which will help qualify the Town for points in the program.

The Sustainability Committee also recently acted to establish a “Complete Streets Team” to look into options the Town might explore to make our streets safer and more accessible for all people. An initial meeting of the Complete Streets Team took place August 15th at Town Hall and the public is invited to come get involved and hear more about upcoming meetings as they are planned—please email Sheila McCreven to learn more (smccreven@woodbridgect.org).

Dog Park

The Selectmen also voted to authorize me as First Selectman to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding the establishment of a Dog Park at the Fitzgerald Property, 100 Center Road. As I said at the meeting, I believe this is a compromise solution that will enable the Dog Park group to move forward with their fundraising and efforts to obtain the approvals as outlined in the MOU.

This MOU along with an attached preliminary site location map have been posted to the Town website. Additional background information on this and other projects is also available on the Current Issues page: woodbridgect.org/496/Current-Issues-Projects

Former-Country Club of Woodbridge Property

At our August Board meeting we also received a presentation regarding a proposal for the Town-owned former country club property, located at 50 Woodfield Road.

Woodbridge resident Brian St. Pierre of Insite Development made a presentation to the Board. His presentation material is also available on the Town website for the public to review on the Current Issues page (link above).

At the Selectmen’s meeting, I shared that neither of the other two companies who previously expressed interest in making a proposal have come back with further detail yet. However since the Board initially reviewed proposals in May, a representative from Fieldstone Village has also met with me to express interest. As I reported to the Board at our meeting August 8th, we will continue our discussions.

Any proposal for this property will of course ultimately be considered by voters in a referendum. I will keep the public informed of all developments along the way.

Please remember that as your First Selectman, ‘my door is always open’ and I am eager to hear your thoughts and ideas about our Town. I hope you will be in touch!

Beth Heller is Woodbridge First Selectman. She may be reached by phone at Town Hall, 203-389-3401, or by email to bheller@woodbridgect.org

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