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From the Other Side of the Aisle 11/22/19

From Steve Falcigno, WRTC Chairman

As 2019 enters its final months and 2020 is ushered in, the citizens of Woodbridge have many people to thank for their service.  Elected and volunteer members of Boards and Commissions dedicate many hours and their talents with the goal of protecting and improving our town.  As a community, we are faced with the obligation, and hopefully the wisdom, to make important decisions that will impact us for years to come.  In the forefront are decisions on the Woodbridge Country Club, issues facing the Amity & Woodbridge Historical Society and its ability to protect treasures of our town’s history, and financial decisions that are material to our ability to provide services to our citizens.  These decisions will shape the contour of our town for generations.

In early 2020 we expect a referendum on the plan to develop the Country Club property will come before us.  The proposal could shape the landscape of Woodbridge forever.  Our hope is that citizens will take time to weigh the positive and negative consequences of this major decision for our town.

The Amity & Woodbridge Historical Society, in its forty-sixth year of providing a valuable service, is facing the inability to control one of Woodbridge’s historical treasures, the Thomas Darling House.  The vicissitude thwarting the Historical Society’s decision-making at that property puts in jeopardy a sizable state grant to make state of the art upgrades to the museum.  We hope for a satisfactory outcome for this worthy group whose sole purpose has been to preserve and share the history of Woodbridge.

On December 5, originally advertised for December 4th, a referendum will be held for two significant bond offerings to address issues at Amity Regional High School.  One bond addressed infrastructure in need of repairs and upgrades, the other seeks approval for a sizable amount of money for an artificial turf field.

With the holidays arriving soon, it is important to recognize many of your neighbors, acquaintances and friends who give tirelessly on boards, committees and special projects.  Our thanks to all these people for their sacrifice of time and allowing our community to utilize their expertise in solving issues that face Woodbridge.  In the coming year, hopefully Woodbridge will experience an inverse relationship with a reduction of our 40 mill property taxes along with an increase in our property values.  Happy Holidays.

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