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From the Pros at Amity Gardens: Amity Gardens’ “Annuals Report”

Finally, with the promise of long awaited warm weather, this is the time to get those flowers and veggies out of their pots and plastic six packs and into some fertile, warmer garden soil. Amity Gardens recommends well-tilled soil with a raked in fertilizer content of 5-10-5 (nitrogen, phosphate, potassium) for most annuals and vegetables. Either organic or chemical fertilizer is fine; the former takes longer to bring nutrients to the roots; chemical fertilizer is faster, but both will do the job to “spring” your plants into growth. Our inventory of Espoma organics, for example, is ideal for all flowers and vegetables.

If you’re like most of us, it seems the planting season would never come, and those florals with root systems getting bound up are eager o be transplanted. If you’ve already put in your pansies, you’re in good shape. Ditto with cool weather loving peas. May pinks, petunias, cosmos, impatiens and a wide range of other popular border flowers are ready now to follow. All annuals make a great complement to your perennials. Hardy geraniums, phlox, Shasta daisies make the flower garden come alive in early summer especially when you mix in a wide variety of annuals.

Feeding annuals (and perennials) throughout the growing season is important. The Amity Gardens staff offers free advice to all gardeners and suggests the use of Sungro pro mix prepared soil for both starting and transplanting, along with an occasional side dressing of Espoma organic fertilizer as the season progresses. The careful care and feeding of your flowers, for all DYI homeowners, is a great way to color your yard beautiful all summer long.

By Gino Sardo

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