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From the Woodbridge Democratic Town Committee – March 2021

Democrats can justifiably be proud about progress on a couple of vitally important policy initiatives these past few weeks – policies to help all Americans. The Biden administration made it a priority to address the coronavirus pandemic and there are undeniable results to show for it nationwide.

President Biden said last week he expects enough vaccine to be available for all adults in the nation by the end of May.  Here in Connecticut, well over one million vaccine doses have already been administered.

And in Congress, Democrats are making headway toward passage of a comprehensive relief package to help individuals, businesses, and state and local governments overcome pandemic-related economic hardships.

Closer to home, Democrats in Woodbridge unanimously nominated a full slate of well-qualified, fully vetted, relevantly experienced candidates for the town election, now less than eight weeks away, on Monday, May 3.

First Selectman Beth Heller, R.N., running for re-election, has served on the Board of Selectmen since 2008.  She was Deputy First Selectman from 2009 until the start of her first term as First Selectman in 2017.

Prior to that she was Registrar of Voters, chairman of the Fire Commission, secretary of the Library Commission, and co-founder of the summertime Concert on the Green series.  Beth’s community service began in the 1990s with the Beecher Road School PTO and continues still.

As First Selectman, Beth has been skillfully steering the town through unprecedented pandemic circumstances, managing the town’s local response, and working with state and federal officials to ensure those resources are brought to bear to benefit the town and its residents.

Selectman Joe Crisco, an active town resident since 1977, also running for re-election, has been in public service 35 years.  He served on the Woodbridge Board of Education and the Town Plan and Zoning Commission, and then represented Woodbridge in the State Senate for 24 years.

As senator, Joe was co-chair of the Appropriations Committee and the Insurance and Real Estate Committee, and held a host of other leadership positions, including Chief Deputy President Pro Tempore.

Joe established the CT Biomedical Research Fund to underwrite advanced research on eight major illnesses, and he wrote breakthrough breast cancer screening legislation, which became a model for other states nationwide.

Amity Board of Education member Sheila McCreven seeks a first term on the Board of Selectmen, after distinguishing herself in public education policy development.  Sheila has been on the Amity Board of Education since 2014, serving as Board Secretary, and was an elected member of the Woodbridge Board of Education from 2005-2013, serving as Chairman from 2007-2011.

For several years Sheila was the town’s Communications Director and Grant Writer, where she also managed special projects including Sustainable CT Certification and pursuit of related grants, a Fiscal Health Analysis of contracted work by the CT Economic Resource Center, promotion of the town’s Hazard Mitigation planning, and other initiatives.

Unanimously nominated as a candidate for the Amity Board of Education, Donna Schuster, M.B.A., seeks to supplement complementary roles as current mother of three and former court advocate for abused and neglected children.

A Connecticut resident since 2006, Donna and her husband have three children enrolled in the Woodbridge and Amity school districts.  She and her husband were drawn to Woodbridge by the reputation of both excellent school systems; she is pledged to build upon that standard of excellence as a member of the Amity Board of Education.

Donna is also an active volunteer with local food donation programs and environmental groups.  With a record of admirable priorities and a demonstrated commitment to public education in Woodbridge, Donna is a strong, sensible candidate for the Amity Board of Education.

Other Democratic nominees for local elected positions will be profiled in the weeks ahead, both in the Woodbridge Town News and in direct mailings to Woodbridge homes.  Town residents are encouraged to be familiar with all candidates for local office, and all eligible voters are encouraged to participate in the town’s municipal election on Monday, May 3.

Residents who would like to be involved in local government are encouraged to reach out and contact the Woodbridge Democratic Town Committee, which can be reached by e-mail at woodbridgectdems@gmail.com.

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