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From the Woodbridge Democratic Town Committee – May 2021

Rich irony underscores rampant hypocrisy at the heart of the Republican Party in 2021.  Militant, extremist GOP operatives and elected officials work to curtail voting rights in states nationwide, Connecticut included, and they refuse to compromise on gun safety legislation of any kind, at any level of government.  They actively deny the science behind climate change, refute the seriousness of the coronavirus, and question the vaccine that will end this pandemic.

But now Woodbridge Republicans want voters to believe their party stands for ‘balance.’

Isn’t it the Republican Party that screams ‘socialism’ when any project or program is proposed for the greater good?  Isn’t it the Republican Party that had no policy platform in 2020, except the policy whim of its (now deposed) leader on any given day?  Didn’t the Republican Party deny Merrick Garland an appointment to the Supreme Court eight months prior to Election Day in 2016, only to hurriedly confirm its own appointee with less than two months to Election Day last year?

Please.  There is nothing balanced about the Republican approach to government in 2021.

On Monday, May 3, Woodbridge voters should reject GOP hyperbole and instead, elect the slate of Democratic candidates on Row A, each of whom is given to community service and experienced in the practical, necessary aspects of government.

As the town’s chief elected official, First Selectman Beth Heller steers with a steady hand.  She has the experience of more than 20 years’ involvement in town business to inform her decisions.  For the term ahead, Beth carefully chose 14 additional proven, dedicated public servants with whom she is eager to serve.  I encourage all residents to endorse Beth’s seasoned, sensible leadership by voting for her entire slate of running mates.

A favorite target of Republican ire is the town’s budget and mill rate, and yet the Woodbridge GOP does not offer one single suggestion about where the budget should be cut, or how the mill rate might be lowered.  Fully two-thirds of the budget each year is given to the town’s two, top-notch school districts.  The rest is efficiently managed to keep roads paved and plowed, provide services and programming for seniors, keep lights on for library patrons, and offer recreational opportunities for Woodbridge families.  To be sure, there is nothing controversial – let alone radical – in these municipal priorities, nor in the way they will be administered by Beth Heller and her team of exceptionally qualified, extraordinary running mates.

On the other hand, electing inexperienced Republican candidates is risky:  they could undermine the quality of our schools to satisfy some random budget target and similarly, they stand ready to arbitrarily quash town services residents need and want.

While facing the extraordinary pressures of 2021, extremism in government at any level is a disservice to those to whom it is responsible.  In Woodbridge, I suspect this year’s challenge to the town’s solid, successful leadership – cloaked in repeated bleating about ‘balance’ – would infuse unwanted, unpopular Republican ideology to our town government.

Woodbridge voters, beware of Row B.  Instead trust Row A – with its authentic, accomplished candidates – and then vote accordingly by absentee ballot (https://bethheller.org/voting-by-absentee-ballot, or in person on Monday, May 3.

Residents who want to be involved in local government should contact the Woodbridge Democratic Town Committee at woodbridgectdems@gmail.com.

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