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From the Woodbridge Sustainability Committee: To Throw or Not to Throw

Setting:  Sunny Saturday morning at the Woodbridge Recycling and Transfer Station.  Two residents have backed their cars up to the recycling area.  Resident One has just dumped all their recycling bin’s contents.  Resident Two approaches with a bin of recyclables.  Resident One notices some plastic wrap and a couple of plastic bags in the bin, too.  Resident One politely approaches Resident Two.

Resident One:  Um, excuse me.  Hi.  I noticed you have some plastic bags in your recycling.  Unfortunately, they cannot be recycled here.

Resident Two: Oh?  But it has the recycling triangle on it.  (Points at the triangle surrounding a number 4.)

Resident One:  Yeah, I know.  Those codes actually aren’t meant to tell you if you can recycle something in single-stream recycling.  The bags and other flexible plastic wrap get tangled in the sorting machinery.  Removing it is a dangerous, time-consuming, and costly process.

Resident Two:  (pulling the plastic wrap from their bin) I had no idea.

Resident One:  You can find out all sorts of information on the Transfer and Recycling Station page of our town’s website.  At the bottom of the page, there is a link to “What’s In What’s Out.”  It’s very helpful for finding out what can and cannot go into single-stream recycling.

Resident Two:  Thanks!

Resident One:  Thanks for recycling!  I wish we could recycle everything in one place.  It is a little complicated, but that weblink is really useful.

True Story.  People are trying to recycle properly.  There are many ways to spread the word about what can and cannot be recycled.  You can even help your neighbor at the side of the dumpster.  Woodbridge Sustainability Committee

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