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Healthy Body/Healthy Mind:  Community Yoga and T’ai-Chi Classes!

It could be one of Woodbridge’s Best Kept Secrets!  You may have seen them outside the central building on Meetinghouse Lane or in Room 16 striking poses or moving in a slow, dance-like manner.  There is a thriving community of Yoga and T’ai-Chi practitioners right in our own backyard.

Gentle Yoga is a class for anyone who desires a slower-paced, yet dynamic, class.  The morning classes are “no knees” since, as we age or have knee replacements, knees may be more sensitive.  Diane King has taught yoga for 40 years and has training in integral yoga, yoga for bone strength, yin yoga, and several other styles of yoga.  She makes every effort to create a class accessible to all.  Monday classes (10:30 and 5:30) begin July 22 and are ongoing yogadiane@gmail.com.

Bill Banick is the founder of Long River Taijiquan and co-founder of BigFaceLove Yoga.  He has over 42 years combined experience with Taijiquan and Yoga and has worked with students of all ages, abilities and medical situations.  His classes are designed to suit the mood and abilities of the students present.  Form and flow, dynamic and still, challenging and relaxing, all seeming opposites blend into a harmonious balancing of mind, body and spirit.  Bill teaches Taijiquan (or T’ai-Chi) and Kung-Fu.  His lineage is Northern Wu Taijiquan and Liu Seong Royal Kung-Fu.

Monday thru Friday Yoga classes (8:30-9:45 AM) begin September 2 and Tuesday evening Yoga classes (5:30-6:45 PM) begin September 3.  A New Authentic T’ai-Chi Session (6:00-7:00 PM) Wednesday evening begins September 4.  FREE Yoga and T’ai-Chi Classes are available to any NEW STUDENT the week of August 26-30.  Contact Bill @ Lrtaiji@yahoo.com and check out his website:  BigFaceLoveYoga.com.

Both instructors are experienced, well-trained and certified teachers who have been building a Sangha or community of practitioners.  These mind/body modalities are proven, effective means of maintaining or regaining one’s health through mindful practice.  “We hope you will “get in on the Secret and join us!”  All classes take place in Room 16 at 4 Meetinghouse Lane., Woodbridge, CT.  Register online @ www.woodbridgerec.org.

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