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Heller Initiates Energy Saving Projects

In an effort to save money on electric bills and to reduce the Town’s carbon footprint, First Selectman Beth Heller has initiated a plan to convert lighting to LED (light emitting diode).

The Town Hall, Public Works Building, Center Building, Police Station, Fire House and Beecher Road School are all being converted to LED.

The Town is taking advantage of a United Illuminating program to reduce the up-front costs of the energy saving project. The Town is paying for the upgrade through a 0% on-bill loan. During the life of the three-year loan the Town’s energy bills will remain stable while the Town uses the cost difference from the energy savings to pay down the loan. At the end of the three-year loan the Town’s electric bills are expected to drop dramatically.

“This project is a win-win,” says Heller. “We are able to finance an expensive project without any out-of-pocket costs and the expected savings will help reduce future budgets. We are exploring this program to make additional cost-saving energy efficient upgrades in the future.”

The Town is also participating in the Connecticut Green Bank’s Solar Municipal Assistance Program. The Green Bank is providing technical support to Woodbridge to assess municipal buildings viability for solar. If Town buildings are deemed practical the Green Bank will provide financing for the solar systems through a power purchase agreement.

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