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High School Students Called to Take ‘Prom Promise’

High School Students Called to Take ‘Prom Promise’

Amity High School students are being challenged to take a “Prom Promise” and enjoy the upcoming prom without drugs or alcohol. “If one kid thinks twice (before engaging in unsafe behavior) the initiative is worth the energy and time and resources we put into it,” said Joe Ferraiolo, Amity parent and area general manager for Frontier Communications, one of the corporate sponsors.

Ferraiolo and KC 101’s Adam Rivers came out to the Amity High School cafeteria April 7, where they entertained the crowd with popular hit music during lunch, while encouraging students to sign up for the prom promise on KC 101.com. Several local students’ comments were blended into that afternoon’s programs, with comments such as “I don’t need to do drugs or to have alcohol to have fun”.

Principal Dr. Charles Britton reminded students that every student has to take a breathalyzer test before they enter the party, standard procedure for several years now. “Amity proms are awfully fun without alcohol,” Britton said. The district’s Junior Prom this year is coming up May 8 at Grassy Hill Country Club, the Senior Prom May 22 at the Omni in New Haven.

“The kids have learned to have fun” without ingesting substances, said Coach Gary Lindgren, who is also an advisor for the SADD Club (Students Against Destructive Decisions). Both he and co-facilitator Joy Shane welcomed the initiative as a way to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs and alcohol, particularly when students are driving to the event. “We want to remind all students to be taking measures to be safe when driving,” Lindgren said.

The pledge reads as follows:

I want to have an absolutely great time at my Prom and remember it forever.

I pledge not to use alcohol or other drugs on prom night because I care about my friends, my family and myself.

I pledge to remain free from alcohol and other drugs, never drive under the influence or ride with an impaired driver;

And I agree that I will always wear a seat belt.

For Ferraiolo it’s an issue that is close to his heart. His son is a senior this year, and his daughter a sophomore. “It’s a commitment they make with themselves,” Ferraiolo said. “That has more power than anything we can do as parents. They are choosing to be safe.”

Frontier and KC 101 are cooperating in this initiative to get the word out and remind students of the challenge. The school with the highest percentage of participants will wins a $2,000 prize.

By Bettina Thiel – Woodbridge Town News Correspondent

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