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Housing Study Group to Solicit Ideas and Opinions through Online Survey

The Housing Opportunity Study Group will be asking Woodbridge residents and employees to complete an online survey soliciting their opinions on housing matters.  The survey is the next step in meeting the committee’s charge from the Board of Selectmen “To guide the Town of Woodbridge…to promote a mix of housing opportunities, including the development of an Affordable Housing Plan, as required by State law.”

This will be the second online housing survey issued recently.  Last fall, an impressive number of Woodbridge residents participated in the South Central Region Council of Governments (SCRCOG) regional survey.  The Housing Committee is working closely with the SCRCOG to analyze this data, which will be supplemented by information collected from the Woodbridge-specific survey.  As Dominick Thomas, Chair of the committee, has said, “The Committee is committed to engaging the community so that the required Affordable Housing Plan truly reflects the housing needs of all of the Woodbridge Community.”

To address this goal, the Housing Opportunity Study Committee will be actively engaging all current residents, home-owners and renters alike, as well as those who work in town and others who would like to have housing options in Woodbridge.  The Committee first engaged this Woodbridge community on December 6 with a presentation by David Fink, a housing policy expert who is working with the SCRCOG.  The presentation with comments from listeners is available on the town YouTube channel as the Housing Committee public forum – 12/06/21 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9f8tjJu3Xg&t=232s). and is highly recommended for research-based information about housing and affordable housing—including common myths.

The survey link is scheduled to be available at the end of January and will be announced as widely as possible, including on the Town website and via mail groups, social media, and outreach to local groups and churches.  Watch for those announcements!  Paper copies will also be available if preferred.

For additional information, contact: Kristine Sullivan at 203-389-3406 or ksullivan@woodbridgect.org.

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