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How to Save and Promote Your Business Safely

When our masks finally become history, will your market even remember what you did, where you are, or even worse, who you are?


  • Write yourself a short Strategic Action Plan. Don’t spend your life on it, a couple of hours should do it. Outline your short and long range goals, sales potentials, new market possibilities, strategies to retain past customers and attract new ones, and (even though it hurts) a realistic way to finance your “re-emergence”.
  • List all possible media contacts for publicity and dream up ways to promote your products and talents as a proprietor. Offer some pro bono socially responsible marketing tactics if you can afford the time. (People appreciate and remember good deeds and will patronize those who offered the time.) Ironically, Covid-19 has introduced a phenomenal human “togetherness” that may remain with us forever and creates its own springboard for future marketing and the continuance of your own brand, but this time with built in human compassion. Moral: stick with what got you here, but amplify it so your brand exudes compassion.
  • Keep your web page tuned up. Create a blog campaign for your favorite social media platform. Look into “Nextdoor Woodbridge” the popular email site where neighbors discuss everything from lost pets to black bear sightings and beyond. It keeps the neighborhood socially tight.
  • Give guerilla marketing a shot. It’s an inexpensive way to raise instant awareness. “Signage” is the key. Posters, lawn signs, a curbside guitarist outside your door, an “event” to draw in traffic, it’s as endless as your imagination.
  • Study your competition. How are they reacting? Be different from them. Create some small space ads. Place them now. Be bold about it, but frugal. Get your publicity up and running often. As the classic Nike positioning slogan says: “Just Do It!”

By Russ Madison, Lone Wolf Advertising, Woodbridge

Russ Madison is the founder of three advertising agencies, and has won numerous regional and national awards for his creative campaigns. Lone Wolf offers a free creative strategy plan for small to midsize business specializing in retail, food, banking, automotive, B-to-B, real estate, municipalities, medical/health among other business disciplines.

Contact: russ@lonewolfadvertising.com 203-393-0494

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