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Husband Pays Tribute To His Late Wife By Sharing A Collection Of Her Writings Filled With Wit, Humor, Pathos And Common Sense

Husband Pays Tribute To His Late Wife By Sharing A Collection Of Her Writings Filled With Wit, Humor, Pathos And Common Sense

‘Pearls From Carol’ By Carol Ann Ruggiero Released

pearls from carol by carol ruggieroAlbert Ruggiero wishes to pay homage to his late wife, Carol Ann Ruggiero, who passed away on March 20, 2020, by sharing with others her wit, humor, pathos and common sense.  He now releases a collection of her writings in “Pearls from Carol” (published by Balboa Press).

For 20 years, Carol lovingly attended and wrote for a writing group known as Writers Unlimited.  These are her words, her thoughts, her humorous outlooks on life.  This book is meant to be enjoyed by anyone of any age or social background.  It is real and utterly without pretense.  Carol possessed no hidden agenda nor did she ever aspire to be anything but who she was — just a genuine lady.

Carol’s life experiences endowed her with a healthy respect for humanity along with a large dose of common sense and humor.  This book can be read cover to cover but, it also can be read and savored in small doses over a long period of time.  Each story centers on one brief moment.  Each story is a tiny world of its own.

“When Carol passed away, I gathered her writings into this collection.  They are short, very funny, always thought-provoking and just what the world needs in these often sad and scary times,” Albert says.  “It is my firm hope that readers will both enjoy and pass on these pages for the enjoyment of many.  This is a timeless gem.  In our troubled, complex and anxiety ridden society, this book will provide many a smile and no small amount of comfort.”

“Pearls from Carol”

  • By Carol Ann Ruggiero
  • Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 364pages | ISBN 9781982256081
  • Softcover | 6 x 9in | 364 pages | ISBN 9781982256098
  • E-Book | 364 pages | ISBN 9781982256463
  • Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

The late Carol Ann Ruggiero came to the world of writing almost by accident. One day, her best friend, Dorothy asked if she could would like to join a writing group in the local senior center. At that time, her interest was in ceramics. In this pursuit, she won several awards. After several refusals, she joined the writing group and there, she stayed for the next 20 years. Her writing style immediately drew praise in the group. She enjoyed telling a story or turning a serious topic on its head with a surprise ending. She usually refused to write about her personal life except in heartwarming cases. Truth be told, she suffered many tragic events such as the loss of her children and yet, she was always ready and pleased to smile at a greeting and listen to any call for help. She was petite (4 ft., 10 inches, pithy in her speech and possessed a huge amount of common sense. She was constantly working on crosswords and logic problems.

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