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Jeffrey Luck – Candidate for Woodbridge Board of Education

I have been a Woodbridge Resident for the past 11 years. My wife Christine and I have two children at Beecher Road School.

I completed my undergrad at Baruch College in Operations Management, Forecasting and Statistical Analysis and my MBA from Long Island University in International Business. I have been in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 25 years. I understand the risk and concerns about the safety of our schools. As our community and our school over the past year and a half faced many challenges, one major issue I saw was in-person learning. I watched how divided our community had become and the challenge to find the correct information regarding safe in-person learning and how remote learning was handled.

The Board handled Beecher’s reopening well. That is the kind of leadership that I want to continue. Through this I saw parents struggle to find answers about the re-opening. I would like to push the Board to be even more transparent. I want issues such as pending motions and how to log in to attend Board meetings to be fully accessible to the community. When new policies are being discussed, our parents and community need to be informed of what the Woodbridge Board of Education is doing.

In my job I work with a diverse groups of people, and I have learned that success comes when people work together for common goals through open, respectful and thoughtful communication.

Parents must know what is being taught in our school. It is all the information that I don’t know as a Beecher parent that drives me to want to serve on the Board – and to make information about our school more accessible to all parents and the community.

I want to bring transparency and the view that the school board should not be political. The value Beecher Road School brings to our children is that it prepares them for the next phase of their education…and that education is reflected in their academic success.

If elected, I am committed to being an active member of the Board, to keep Beecher delivering that value to our children and our taxpayers. I ask you for your support and for the rest of our team on Row B on Monday May 3, 2021.

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