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Joi Prud’homme – Candidate for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate

Joi is running for the Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate position.  She and her husband Scott moved to Woodbridge in June 2013 to raise their daughter who is now a third grader in the MAG program at Beecher Road School.  They chose this town specifically for the excellent school system, the close proximity to New Haven, and for its rural small-town character and commitment to open space.

Since moving back to Connecticut, Joi has been very active in the community, currently serving on the PTO Executive Board as the Chair of Fundraising, Special Events and Artsweek, and most recently as the PTO Representative to the WBOE Policy Committee.  She volunteers to cook with MAG students on a regular basis, and also volunteers for the Bluebird Monitoring Project, other projects and workshops throughout the year in MAG, as well as many other PTO sponsored events at Beecher Road School.

Joi says, “In my volunteer work and as a stay-at-home-mom I have been able to enhance my skill sets in ways I never could have imagined.  While I find this extremely fulfilling work, I have always thought that as my daughter grows, I would eventually grow into other areas of leadership and service in our community.  I have been interested in becoming actively involved in our local government since we moved here.”

Formerly, Joi was a Sales Executive in the Waste Management Industry.  Her strong interpersonal communication skills helped her to build and retain business relationships in the environmental field.  Subsequently, Joi returned to school to complete a Bachelor’s Degree then focused her career on Non-Profit work.  She worked on two large federally funded grant projects as an Administrative Assistant to Executive Directors.

“Having lived in Southern Maine, Philadelphia, Cape Cod, Phoenix, Arizona and Northern New Jersey, I can tell you that Woodbridge is truly special.  It is important to me to be of service here because I want our town to be a successful and thriving community.  In order for that to happen there needs to be many people with different backgrounds and talents working together to make a difference.  It is my sincere hope that this is just the beginning of a long and lasting career of service to my community.”

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