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Letter: 22nd Annual Woodbridge First Selectman’s Youth Award

Woodbridge Youth Services, in collaboration with First Selectman Beth Heller, is accepting nominations for the Twenty-second Annual Woodbridge First Selectman’s Youth Award.

Any Woodbridge youth, 18 or under, who is in school, and who, either individually, or as part of a group, has demonstrated positive actions to improve Woodbridge or assist Woodbridge residents is eligible to be nominated for the First Selectman’s Youth Award. Areas of involvement may include group or individual volunteer work aimed at improving the quality of life in the Woodbridge community.

Principals, teachers, fellow students, neighbors, group leaders, clergy, and volunteer agencies are among those who may nominate a youth for consideration. Parents or family members may not nominate a relative.

If you, or any of your staff, know of a youth who meets the above criteria, please make the nomination by completing the attached nomination form and return to:

Woodbridge Youth Services Department
11 Meetinghouse Lane
Woodbridge, CT 06525

The date to submit nomination is Monday, April 4, 2022. Forms may be found online at https://www.woodbridgect.org/160/Youth-Services. Questions may be directed to Nancy Pfund at 203-389-3464 or email npfund@woodbridgect.org. Your nomination will make a difference in the life of a young person!

Thank you for your participation.


Nancy Pfund, Woodbridge Youth Services Director

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