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Letter: 50 Year Resident Supports Arbor Haven Proposal

After reading the most recent Woodbridge Town News I thought I’d add a few comments.  I fully agree with the need now for a referendum regarding the sale of the old WCC property.  I’ve been a Woodbridge resident for almost 50 years and now have seen too many friends who have been Woodbridge town residents who, when they chose to downsize, have been forced to move to adjacent communities.

I’ve reviewed and strongly favor the Arbor Haven proposal.  I believe it is absurd suggesting that this land should be preserved as open space in part because in the distant past it was once owned by Roger Sherman who to my understanding as a northerner from CT would not vote against slavery.  Also, as a former member of the WCC I can assure you that no one including myself ever thought of the county club property as being on sacred land.  I also feel that it is wrong for the WLT and WPA to try to block the sale of this land when our town has more than enough trails and open space.  I feel that these organizations should stay out of town politics.  As a side note, I will no longer support these two town organizations.

The comment frequently made that the former WCC property is currently used for outdoor activities is a gross exaggeration as in all the times that I’ve passed the old WCC property I’ve never seen it being used other than for sleighing after a snowstorm.  Besides, this property is an eyesore in our community.

The cost to this town of carrying the WCC property is a burden to all of us and when the Arbor Haven proposal comes to a referendum, I will support it and be happy to display a sign on my front lawn in favor of the proposal.

Samuel Bobrow, MD

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