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Letter: Amity Board of Education Budget… Just say NO!

For months I felt uncomfortable speaking with respect to the Amity Board of Education.  My thoughts were that without children in the school system, I did not have a right to speak.  I kept my thoughts to myself.  However, in listening to other parents I realized I was not helping the situation.  More so, I wondered how many more people are silent for the same reasons?  It doesn’t matter if we have children or not, our voices should be heard.

For Amity to ask for an increase of more than $2,000,000, when their annual budget has reflected a surplus of nearly 3 million dollars per year over the past 4 years is insane.  Over the years, our schools have seen a major decrease in the number of students.  The Amity school board, however, is not only asking for a huge increase in the budget, but they are also asking for additional central office employees.

To be honest, every taxpayer – not only in Bethany, Orange, and Woodbridge, but also in the surrounding towns/cities in the region – are seeing daily life costs increase almost overnight.  Essentially, Amity High School is asking for a budget increase that would raise spending significantly.  In a normal year, this increase might be reasonable.  However, this year it’s anything but reasonable.  Now is not the time.

Saying no to a school board budget that is over-budgeting does not hurt the students.  I ask each resident to vote.  Moms, dads, grandparents, or empty nesters, our votes are important, our voices must be heard.

All our votes matter.  So, please get out.  Vote “NO” to turn down this unacceptable budget increase.

Jude Toohey

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