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Letter: Ask Questions, Attend Meetings on WCC Proposal

As I read the article “From the First Selectman” in the August 30th edition of the Woodbridge Town News, I am shaking my head as I both laugh and get angry.  This administration is determined to develop the magnificent 150 acre parcel many residents still referred to as the Woodbridge Country Club.

After failed attempts to “sell” their development plans in both 2011 and 2016, the administration has put a new spin on trying to win residents over to approving the sale of the property.  I saw the ‘draft’ of the town’s map for potential use of the remaining 95 acres.  Some of the items listed:  Frisbee golf, picnic area with pavilion, veteran’s memorial area, biking/walking/jogging trails.  The list goes on.

Several residents have attended Board of Selectmen meetings asking the town to mow the golf course as people still wish to walk and enjoy the beauty that only nature can take away.  As you drive by the property you will notice the state of disrepair that is still our beloved golf course.  If the town cannot care for what we presently have, what makes anyone think they can care for this ‘make believe haven’ for residents they are suggesting?

Who is going to pay for the maintenance of this wish list assuming it were to ever come to fruition?  Not once has the town previously submitted a plan for what they envision for the entire golf course property.  This is, in my opinion, a new ploy to get people to change their minds regarding development.

The town is saying they need the money from the sale of the property to pay down debt and balance the budget.  Perhaps the town should be looking at different avenues for increasing revenue rather than destroying the reason many people moved to Woodbridge in the first place…quality of life!

It is my understanding that Brian St Pierre, the chosen developer, has been trying to get financial backing for several months.  If his plan had that much potential, one would think that he could have found financing quite easily.

Could it be the possibility of an economic downturn on the horizon?  Could it be that his proposal is not realistic for the New Haven, or Connecticut market?  Do you remember how many years it took Fieldstone Village to finally be built due to the economic downturn?  The answer is 11 years.

If you think you will be able to afford to ‘downsize’ to the community Mr. St. Pierre is proposing, think again.  You will probably be paying more for less house than you presently own…assuming you can even sell your house.  Still, the administration keeps pressing forward.

Woodbridge residents:  Please ask questions.  Attend Board of Selectmen meetings.  The future of our community is in your hands!

Woodbridge, we can do better!

Cheryl Lipson

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