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Letter: Awareness & Opposition to Proposed Cell Tower on Newton Road

We are writing to alert you of a proposal for building a cell phone tower in the middle of a residential neighborhood at 118 Newton Road with the access road point entering through the Soundview Drive cul-de-sac.  While the final say is dependent on the CT Siting Council’s decision, we hope to prevent the application from ever getting to them by raising awareness in our town and gaining support from fellow residents.   As you know, it takes a village.

Sadly, we learned of this tower not from our town officials but from a red balloon lingering 140 feet above the end of our cul-de-sac which signifies where the tower will be built.  In a grass roots effort, we spread the word from neighbor to neighbor and decided to band together to fight this tower for the preservation of our neighborhood and the safety of our children.   One resident on Newton road who owns a beautiful New England farmhouse was not allowed to build an extension on his house because it was higher than 20 feet and yet the town is okay with a 140 foot cell tower being built just 3 doors down from him?  Further, the town has not been forthright in alerting affected neighbors of the tower being built. We are proud to live in this quiet neighborhood and that our children can play in wide-open yards and hike the beautiful trails that line our streets.    We are fearful and know that if this is not defeated, our neighborhood will become undesirable. One person’s profit should not destroy an entire neighborhood’s residential character and beauty. Your neighborhood could become the next proposed location of a cell tower.

As fellow proponents of preserving Woodbridge’s rural aesthetic, we hope you will be in support of our opposition for this tower for one or all of the reasons highlighted below:

  • It is unclear whether the town of Woodbridge actually needs another cell tower when we understand that there are already 5 different cell towers in town, including one only a mile away from this proposed location at the Congregational Church. Many towers already border the town in Ansonia, New Haven, and Seymour. Given current technology, we also understand that providers can share towers and add antennas to existing ones to enhance coverage, networks, and service.
  • There were many other locations that were being evaluated for this tower that are NOTin the middle of a beautiful and quiet residential neighborhood.   If there are other properties that could be potential sites for this tower, then we want the town’s help to identify and pursue those locations instead.   We actually understand that it is preferred that these towers are built on municipal land as such towers benefit all residents not just those in an immediate vicinity of one particular neighborhood and the town could then benefit from the lease income.  The town was alerted of this tower in a letter from Cellco on July 17th.  Thus far the town has been reticent to provide support, so we need and are asking for help in raising awareness of this issue.
  • We are deeply concerned about the devaluation of our properties. Multiple studies have been conducted and show that properties decrease in value at least 10% to 20% once a tower goes up and 90% to 94% of home buyers are not interested in buying near such towers.
  • Per provision of CT Gen. Statutes, towers are not allowed to be built within 250 feet of daycares and schools, etc.  Yet, this tower will be within 250 feet, perhaps even closer, to homes, many with families raising small children.   Studies show that children living near towers that have prolonged exposure to the radiation emissions are at an increased risk for autism, cancer, headaches, depression, sleeping problems, long term fertility issues, etc.
  • There is the potential for abandonment of homes in the immediate vicinity of the tower. People move to Woodbridge for its great school system, the understanding and promise of a residential setting, and a serene, quiet environment. Most will not risk their family’s health and quality of life residing next to a cell phone tower.  We want to preserve our neighborhood and ensure it is a safe place to raise our families.
  • One must also consider the potential harm to the beautiful, natural surroundings and animals that inhabit them due to noise pollution from the towers and harmful emissions. We should also note that this neighborhood has many trails that are used by fellow residents and that this will truly take away from the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.

If this is allowed to happen, the next tower could very well be in your neighborhood. We have started a petition: www.nocelltowerplease.com.  Please sign this petition if you join us in opposing the construction of the tower in a residential neighborhood.

In addition to the petition, please send your email in opposition of this tower to the first selectman, Beth Heller at bheller@woodbridgect.org, our State Reps, your elected Selectman, and Town Officials to raise voices as a whole Woodbridge residents.

The next Board of Selectman meeting is held on October 14th, and it is open to the public via Zoom. A login ID will be provided from the Town Hall website.

Thank you for your consideration and helping to raise awareness of this issue within our town!

  • Rebecca & Damian Dalrymple
  • Kiyoko & Greg Karwowksi
  • Chanmany & Brian Daley
  • Shelly & Mark Greengarden
  • Julienne & Jim Letis
  • Margaret and Andrew Marley



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