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Letter: Barbara Hagan-Smith is Vested & Committed to the Town of Woodbridge

The voters of Woodbridge will head to the polls to elect their leaders on Monday, May 3.  These leaders should be qualified individuals that are committed to responsive, responsible, and balanced town government.

Barbara Hagan-Smith is a candidate for the Zoning Board of Appeals.  She is “home grown” Woodbridge hailing from a family that has had roots in the community since the late 1700s.  You may have run into Barbara at the Woodbridge Town Library where she currently works in the circulation department or perhaps you have seen Barbara tirelessly volunteering at the Thomas Darling House working to preserve the history of our town.  Barbara is vested in the Town of Woodbridge and is committed to serving with historical knowledge, dignity and respect.

The Zoning Board of Appeals requires thorough knowledge of the Town’s history, its culture and zoning regulations.  Barbara possesses that knowledge.  As a former 12-year member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, I am confident that Barbara will be fair-minded in assessing each application brought before the Board and will ensure that the Town Zoning Regulations and the best interest of our residents are always considered.

I ask each of you to join me in casting a vote for Barbara Hagan-Smith when you cast your ballot on Election Day – Monday, May 3rd.

Lynn A. Piascyk

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