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Letter: Beware the Bait & Switch

The current proposal for the Country Club of Woodbridge, a sale of approximately 60 acres for cluster housing, indicates that the remaining land, nearly 100 acres, will be turned into a town park. Voters are being presented with a Faustian bargain; they are being asked to sacrifice 60 acres in exchange for preserving the remaining 100 acres.

In August, I spoke at the Board of Selectmen meeting, suggesting that a conservation restriction be placed on the remaining acreage, and that approval of such a restriction be made part of the referendum process. But I was ignored; the referendum question makes no mention of preserving the 100 acres. If preservation truly is the intent, why won’t they put it in writing?

Unless the remaining 100 acres are legally protected with a conservation restriction as part of the upcoming referendum, the promise of a park is meaningless and unenforceable. As we all know, promises have a way of being forgotten or ignored by future administrations. If the voters are being asked to sacrifice 60 acres to development in exchange for preserving 100 acres, we deserve an ironclad, legally enforceable guarantee that the bargain will be kept, that the 100 acres will not be sold off piece by piece in the future.

Beware the bait and switch!

Sincerely yours,

Cathy Wick

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