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Letter: Cabrera is a Steadfast and Resolute Leader

Jorge Cabrera has proven that he has what it takes to bring authentic leadership to the 17th State Senate District.  Bethany and Woodbridge families need someone who is willing to fight for bold solutions to real problems, and Jorge Cabrera will do that for us.  Jorge has been highly visible in our community, taking the time to get to know us, to talk with us, and to understand our needs and concerns.  He is not a candidate who simply shows up for photo opportunities when politically convenient.

Bethany and Woodbridge are home to just under 15,000 residents.  We deserve a legislator who is responsive to the needs and concerns of our small community.  Jorge, as a father of two children, husband to an educator and a union organizer, understands the importance of adequately funded education, high quality affordable healthcare, and the opportunity for retirement with dignity.

The foundation of a strong community comes from steadfast and resolute leadership that is able to apply enlightened perspectives to leverage the potential and enhance the aspirations of small towns across the state of Connecticut.  We need to be heard.  Now is the time to elect an individual who knows what it takes to achieve meaningful representation for the constituents of the 17th State Senate District.

We urge you to Vote for Jorge Cabrera (Row 3A) on or before November 3rd!

Beth Heller, Woodbridge First Selectman

Carol R. Goldberg, Bethany Democratic Town Committee Member

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