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Letter: Celebrate Independence Day Responsibly

This Fourth of July, Americans everywhere will toast to our nation’s 242st birthday.  Fireworks will light the night sky as friends, families, and communities gather together to celebrate our independence.

While summer holidays are a great chance to enjoy a cold beer in the summer sun, always remember to celebrate responsibly.  This Independence Day weekend, let’s give America the best birthday gift we can by always planning ahead for a safe ride home and helping keep our roads safe for all.

Over the past 35 years, Anheuser-Busch and its wholesaler partners have invested more than $1 billion in the United States to promote alcohol responsibility and help prevent drunk driving.

These holiday weekends, and every weekend, remember that drunk driving is 100 percent preventable when we all do our part.  Get a ride.  Call a cab.  Take a train.  Whatever you do, care enough to get home safely.  Have a fun and safe holiday!

Tony Lota
Alcohol Awareness Coordinator
Dichello Distributors, Inc.

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