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Letter: Civil Discourse is the Goal

To the editor,

As I read Larry Grotheer’s letter dated October 5, I was disappointed in the lack of facts and information my political counterpart presented.  Equally alarming was the level of divisiveness against Woodbridge Republicans and our representatives in Hartford.  If civil discourse is the goal, and I am all for it, then letters that aggressively present neighbors in a negative light does not foster civil discourse and it surely is not a path to a good working relationship amongst Woodbridge residents.  Though our politics may differ, the goal is, and should always be, the betterment of our community.  Through honest and reasonable communication, we can achieve a level of courtesy and respect.  His incendiary letters should not be welcomed by either side of the aisle.  Throughout this last campaign season, I had an opportunity to meet with many of the Republican candidates in our area; not once did I hear them make flagrant or disparaging comments about their opponents.  They focused on the issues and attentively listened to the concerns of their constituents.  Even on Election Day, as our candidates visited our tent, they immediately acknowledge supporters from the other side and wished them well.  I commend candidates from the opposing parties for doing the same.

With the May election quickly becoming the focal point of our next political challenge, I would urge my counterpart to stay focused and civil; the Republicans plan to.  Though it seems all politics have become national, I disagree, and believe that all politics are still local.  Each person on the upcoming ballot is your child’s coach or teacher, or your neighbor living a few doors away.  By making acrimonious comments toward a candidate, the result will be aberrant; remember, this is the same person that you must stand next to at the gas station or in line at the grocery store.

As Woodbridge Republican Town Chair, my goal is to present the facts to my Woodbridge friends and neighbors and not to write belligerent attack articles that can only be interpreted as pejorative.  Republicans will be focused on issues that affect all members of the Woodbridge community; our goal is to lower property taxes and raise property values while continuing a level of quality service to the community.  I would hope that we all can agree on that.


Stephen Falcigno

Woodbridge Republican Town Chair

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