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Letter: Cluster Development Wrong Solution for CCW

I was unable to attend the May 8 Board of Selectmen’s (BOS) meeting, and only recently watched it on WGATV 79 on YouTube.  I was particularly interested in hearing the presentations by the proposed developers, Mr. Sachs and Mr. St. Pierre in regard to the engineers’ Constructability Study.  What I saw was dismaying.

The First Selectman announced that Mr. Sachs called in sick too late to postpone the meeting.  Why didn’t he send a qualified representative to speak on his behalf such as the brother who accompanied him to an earlier BOS meeting?

Mr. St. Pierre seemed unprepared to answer a number of the selectmen’s questions.  The placing of his development was unclear, he called his own map “a little deceiving”, and he often referred to papers he had not brought to the meeting.  When asked why he had dropped his original partner who was going to rehabilitate the golf course and the clubhouse, he spoke only about deterioration in the clubhouse.

Perhaps Mr. St. Pierre has forgotten the simple explanation he gave to a few of us last December as we waited outside the Town Hall meeting room while the BOS were in Executive Session.  He pointed at the Town Attorney and the First Selectman and stated, “Because they said they don’t want golf or the clubhouse.”  (So much for an administration responsive to the expressed will of the residents!)

What was equally shocking was the huge profit he expects, stated by one of the selectmen as “in multiples of tens of millions of dollars.”  The developer did not deny it.  In comparison, the town would receive about $5,000,000.  Let’s think again.  As one of the selectmen said to Mr. St. Pierre, “Land is a finite resource.  We own it; you want it.  What’s the incentive to the town of this transaction?”  The numbers certainly don’t add up to real benefit for Woodbridge.  And when all is said and done, cluster development is still the wrong solution for the Country Club of Woodbridge property.

Martha German

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