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Letter: David Lober Has the Insight & Experience to Address Town Issues

I met Dave Lober twenty years ago coaching my son’s soccer team made up of first and second graders. Dave jumped in to help as I did not have an assistant coach. Dave demonstrated he had experience working with children and parents. Of course when my son and I showed up for the first Cub Scout meeting Dave was there with his son. Dave has provided volunteer support to many of the youth programs along with the CCW completing needed repairs. Dave didn’t need to state he was a doctor as it was clear from our conversations he was a smart person who always listens intently.

I witnessed Dave become more engaged with town issues researching facts and not drawing conclusions from personal bias. He presented several solutions for the Country Club of Woodbridge but wasn’t given much consideration. This motivated Dave to a successful run for the Board of Selectmen in 2017. Dave supported having the town hire a consultant who specializes in golf course repurposing to pursue the best and acceptable options for the town but was rejected.

Dave was a persuasive voice to convince the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance not to exceed a 40 mill rate. As a Board of Selectmen liaison he provided insight and accountability advice to the Library and Human Services related to the budget process and prudence with tax payer dollars. He has always supported returning budget surpluses to taxpayers versus siphoning the money to pet projects. Dave believes contingency dollars are for contingencies,  not to cover the inability of a department to manage its budget.

We face a number of challenges with escalating taxes, zoning concerns and no solution for the country club after twelve years. Dave provides the insight and experience to address these issues now. Please vote for Dave Lober and column B for a more Balanced government on Monday May 3rd.

Bob Hill


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