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Letter: Decision Making Should Be Bi-Partisan

I attended the July meeting of the Woodbridge Recreation Commission and witnessed town politics at its worst.  The Recreation Commission is responsible for running and maintaining the pool at the Country Club of Woodbridge.

Anyone who is somewhat familiar with Woodbridge politics knows that the pool and entire golf property have been the biggest concern of both political parties and concerned town residents over the past few years.  The debate has been over what to do with the 153-acre parcel presently owned by the town, which includes the pool, tennis courts and clubhouse as well as the golf course.

The previous administration wanted to sell it off for development.  That raised the ire of many residents in town and the First Selectman backed off from her push for Toll Brothers to purchase the property.

The present administration is considering options for the land which include open space with walking trails.  That would be a wonderful addition for our community.

On the agenda for the Recreation Commission’s July 25th meeting was the election of Chairman and Vice Chairman for the next 2 years.  A commission member received a call from someone asking them to vote for a specific commission member.

The same commission member was also confronted by 2 other members who were waiting by the entrance to the room the night of the meeting.  They tried to persuade the member to vote for one candidate over another as a way of insuring that any effort at revitalizing the pool and possibly the clubhouse and grounds, would be voted down in the future.

The vote was 4 to 3 and the commission member who has been working tirelessly to make improvements around the pool and hopes to do more at the clubhouse, won the vote.  This was a win for all Woodbridge residents!

I was completely surprised, (well maybe not completely), by the backroom maneuvering that can occur when a person or party tries to control the future of our community.

Woodbridge residents should be concerned with what is best for our town rather than which party is in control.  Decision making should be bi-partisan.  I hope the new administration embraces that philosophy.

Cheryl Lipson

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