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Letter: Dr. Lin Yang Is a Great Candidate, a Testimony of American Democracy

I am not a resident of Woodbridge.  I live in Wilton, and I am a member and Vice Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals in Wilton.  I am writing to support Dr. Lin Yang for her election to the Zoning Board of Appeals (Alternate).  For the past few years, I got to know Lin through working with her on volunteer work and advocacy activities that interested both of us.

Despite her busy life as a caring wife, mother, and senior research scientist, Lin cares deeply about her communities, and is extremely devoted to community services.  She spends countless hours as well as her personal money for common causes.  In her volunteer services, she has led advocacy efforts on housing, zoning, education, and especially on issues concerning the Asian American communities in Connecticut.  Her efforts have received attention and recognition at the State level by news media and the State legislature.

A Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Lin is a highly logical person with sharp mental power to quickly identify the essence of issues on hand.  She is gracious and soft spoken, yet personable and very convincing.

Lin is a first generation American, a naturalized citizen of the United States who dearly embraces civic duties and our precious democracy.  I applaud her dedication and courage to step forward and run for her first public position.  Dr. Lin Yang is a model citizen, an asset to the Town of Woodbridge.  Please welcome and support her effort to become an elected public servant.

Monty Du

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